The Blog about Blaby, and Leicestershire, inspired by my mum!

Now as you wonder the streets of Leicester this week, don’t forget to admire the wonderful history that this city holds. From the resting place of King George, to the Battle of Bosworth, and the Newark Museum, Leicestershire is a fantastic place to visit, to shop, and most importantly, live.

In the hypothetical, Golden Triangle, of the country, with the M1 motorway running straight through it, and a wonderful lake at it’s southern tip, you can do a lot of things in Leicester, especially in the run up to Christmas, with many places to eat out, and visiting beautiful examples of Christmas Lights, that really stand out from the crowd this December, for the christmas holidays!

Leicester in a nutshell

If I had to describe Leicestershire in one sentence, I would say it is the heart and soul of the Midlands, a perfect day out, and amazing for raising a family, and of course, watch the football! (Or Rugby).